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Our Projects

Our in house projects aim to bridge the gap between self mastery, health, crypto, and web5 concepts with the lifestyle of entrepreneurs. 


High Chris Cannabis

High Chris helps cannabis startups operate at a profit through our cannabis business programs. For personalized help we offer one on one consultations and for thorough help we offer a 6 week masterclass.


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High Vibes

Unlocking the secrets to self mastery, entrepreneurship and living a lifestyle to attract health, wealth, peace and joy in all aspects of our lives.

To empower people to become the greatest version of themselves through sharing my Continuous path to greatness and what has worked and what to avoid. I touch on topics ranging from Self-development, health diet & fitness, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, art and independence.

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crypto pop up bkg.jpg

High Life Crypto

A stream of reliable educational content designed to ease your journey and relationship to building wealth through Alternative Asset Investing.

What Types of Investing are Explored??

>Web3 Projects                                    >Metaverse Investments

>Crypto Currency                               

>Non-Fungible TOKENS (NFT's)

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